Revolutionary New Way to Tie Eyes on Flies

Changing the way the world ties flies…

Why are they better?

  • Flexible
  • Eco friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Realistic imitation
  • Holds desired shape
  • Stealth presentation
  • Customizable for neutral buoyancy

Why should “I” buy them?

  • So I also can be one of the fly tiers, tying the new cutting edge fly patterns of the future.
  • To be able to use and be apart of the technology that is changing the way the fly tying world is tying the eyes on to their flies.
  • To increase my chances of catching the most difficult and wiley fish.
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Testimonials – Real Results

Fishing in the Bahamas with Eyes-N-Tubes
All of my Bahamian Bonefish were caught on flies tied with Eyes-N-Tubes system, including this bruiser in the photo. As far am I’m concerned there is no better method of tying salt or freshwater game fish flies. The crab and shrimp patterns ride hook up resulting in positive hook ups and far less snagging on bottom debris, weeds, etc.”
– Fred Harman
Professional Fishing Guide, Duncan, B.C.

Steelhead caught with Eyes-N-Tubes
“When I first developed (invented) the eyes-n-tubes system, I had no idea they were going to be so effective. From catching huge steelhead, wiley Brown trout, to Skinny water Bone fish, the E-N-T system is proving it’s self to be a step above anything I have previously used.”
– Kenzie Cuthbert
24 years of guiding

Brown Trout
“The EYES-N-TUBES I used in the Bahamas with my fly patterns were absolutely without equal in hooking up bonefish in extremely challenging shallow water conditions. EYES-N-TUBES will revolutionize the way that bonefish and permit flies are designed and tied.”
– Tony Brown
Duncan, B.C.